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  • Standard Edition
  • Advanced version
  • Deluxe Edition
  • Package Price
    Customer service
    Customer service
    Customer service
  • Use time
    12 months
    12 months
    12 months
  • Number of accounts
  • Contains content
    Customs Data
    Customer push
    Customs Data
    Customer push
    Trading Graph
    WeChat sync
    Customs Data
    Customer push
    Trading Graph
    WeChat sync
  • E-mail service
    Indian mailbox
    Mail search
    Precision mailbox
  • Analysis report
    Professional reports
    Professional reports
    Professional reports

Cooperation process

  • Advisory
    Demand: 1 to 1 consultant
    Query: support query data to verify authenticity
  • Make plan
    According to the actual situation of customers, develop solutions that meet customer needs
  • Cooperation
    Contract: Sign a formal contract
    Payment: pay according to contract
    Invoice: Issue VAT invoice
  • Service
    Delivery: 1 working day delivery
    Training: 1 to 1 after sales training
    Service: 7 * 24 hours service

Cooperation statement

A letter to the customer


Dear Customer: Hello!

I believe you will fully consider various factors when choosing a partner, and we are ready to:

The company ---- 13 years of dedication and persistence, you can trust. The company is recognized by numerous organizations and customers.

Brand ---- "EX Data" has always positioned the Internet customs data sales and cooperation platform. It is a well-known brand on the Internet.

The team ---- has gathered outstanding talents with rich experience, serious intentions, professional integrity, and happiness, and is responsible for everything and customers.

Products ---- the industry's first echelon and leading position. It solves many practical problems of customer foreign trade and customs data, and has received rave reviews.

Function ---- we have everything we have, we also have what others don't, and some of us don't necessarily have it, our unique is exactly what you need.

Effect ---- Professional investment, powerful functions, enthusiastic service, and sharing of experience to ensure the use of results. Our renewal rate and customer referrals continue to lead the industry.

Price ---- take the cost-effective route. Compared with similar products, our price is only half or even a third.

Competition ---- We are not afraid and thank competition, competition makes us better. We are happy to shop around, and we also firmly believe that EX Data is your best choice.

Service ----- The professional team supports the delivery, training, questions, and experience with a responsible, enthusiastic, and patient attitude to ensure your satisfaction and renewal rate.

Customers ---- Customer satisfaction and contract renewal rates have always been our unremitting pursuit. For the past 13 years, we have been fortunate to serve more than 10,000 companies.

Cooperation ---- The most important thing for cooperation is sincerity and trust. All our efforts are to make your purchase assured and affordable, convenient and effective.

In short, we elaborate from ten aspects such as company, brand, team, product, efficacy, price, competition, service, customer, cooperation, etc., in order to win your trust, recognition and choice. Please give us a chance, Yixun data treasure must be your best choice and unregretful choice! Our company and all members are ready, we will not let you down!

Live up to customers, live up to foreign trade, we have been pursuing.

We provide you

with valid customs data

EX Data platform contains original customs data, multi-dimensional analysis reports,
and accurate mailboxes with positions and so on.

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