Step 1: find customers

Three ways to find real customers

  • Find buyers by product
    Find buyers by product

    Enter product keywords or HS code
    Find buyers

  • Find buyers by supplier
    Find buyers by supplier

    Enter English / Chinese Name of Peer Company
    Find peer buyers

  • Find buyers by buyer
    Find buyers by buyer

    Enter the name of the buyer,
    Should chain relationship, query more buyers

Step 2: Analyze customers

Analyze customer supply chain relationships through transaction maps

Through the website, learn about the company's company profile, company size, purchased products, etc

By analyzing reports, analyze customer purchasing cycle, purchasing country, cooperative supplier and other habits

Step 2: Analyze customers

Step 3: Find mailbox

Find precise customer contact information through precise mailbox and mail search


Find out the purchasing person's name, position, email, and phone through the precise mailbox function

Social media
Social media

Open the customer's social media homepage and communicate with customers online

Verify email
Verify email

Verify the authenticity of the mailbox and obtain the verification method

Step 4: Contact the customer

Verify email authenticity, consult customer service for verification method

Writing a good development letter can increase the success rate, consult customer service for a development letter template
Call the buyer directly with the name, position and phone number of the precise mailbox
Communicate directly with customers online via social media links

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with valid customs data

EX Data platform contains original customs data, multi-dimensional analysis reports,
and accurate mailboxes with positions and so on.

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