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Hangzhou Yiji Business Consulting Co., Ltd. was established on November 11, 2006, and was jointly founded by Mr. Zheng Shijin and Mr. Ye Chao, two alumni of Zhejiang University.“Yi” means “I Ching+Trade+Easy” , and we hope to make trade between China and the world easier by China’s oldest wisdom.“Ji” means “abundance of capable people+join hands+ help the world”,and we hope that we can overcome all difficulties and do something valuable and meaningful. Our company has been focusing on foreign trade big data (including customs data) since established.We have been providing professional, effective, responsible and cost-effective products, services and consulting for the majority of Chinese foreign trade companies.Our company always adheres to the mission of “making trade easier”, aiming at customer needs and values, and aiming at “all for customer orders”, adhering to the two basic principles of professional integrity and pursuit of high cost performance.

“EX Data” is an independent new brand of our company and was launched around 2009,and it is positioned on the Internet online sales and cooperation platform,has developed leading brand in the industry.“EX Data” is a new foreign trade big data SAAS platform launched by the company in April 2019, helping foreign trade companies to solve the rigid needs of developing customers, contacting customers, strategic analysis and how to do.

The company has gathered a large number of outstanding talents such as Zhejiang University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. They work hard, do things seriously, professionally and honestly, are highly responsible, responsible for every thing and customer.

In the past 13 years, we have cooperated and served more than 10,000 companies, including more than 100 listed companies and more than 10 of the world's top 500 companies.We have received help and love from the General Administration of Customs, governments, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Sanmen Chamber of Commerce, Cui Niuhui, Zhejiang Liuhe Law Firm, major friends, all colleagues.We have won a number of honors, including: "Top 10 Corporate Data Service Impact Brands in 2019", "Integrity Enterprise in the Hangzhou Off-Site Chamber of Commerce to Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China", "Cui Niuhui Excellent Student Unit", and many other personal honors.We also do our best to do what we can do. We are extremely proud of this and are grateful.

The prosperity of the foreign trade industry has prompted China to grow and is supported by foreign trade big data.Data industry has become one of the most important production materials in all sectors of the country.We hope to always contribute our greater power  to this historical trend.The times give us new opportunities and challenges, and we should be self-reliant in this new history.All members of our company will serve you wholeheartedly!

Let us work together, live up to China and times.

  • 2006
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Development path


EX Data established

Main US data


Global 20 countries data

EX Data 1.0 released


Upgrade data systems in 25 countries

EX Data 2.0 released


EX Data 3.0 released


Payment customers exceeded 10,000


Revolutionary products
EX Data4.0 released



We provide you

with valid customs data

EX Data platform contains original customs data, multi-dimensional analysis reports,
and accurate mailboxes with positions and so on.

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