A & Q

  • 1.Why there are only 27 countries open customs data?
    The provisions of national laws are not the same,some allow to open,others don’t allow to open. Up to now, 27 countries is the most can be opened.
  • 2.Why some companies say can offer more than 200 countries customs data?
    They confused statistical data、buyer list and customs data. Statistical data doesn’t have buyer,buyer list doesn’t have real trade records. These three has essential differences.
  • 3.Why doesn’t customs data contain contact infomation?
    You know that there is no purchaser’s email on B/L,there is address、tel、fax only.
  • 4.How should I develop new customers with customs data?
    We suggest to select certain buyers adjust for your own,not contact all.
  • 5.Why doesn’t China Import & Export Data contain buyer overseas?
    China Import & Export Data is statistical data colleted by China General Administration of Customs,it contain exporter or importer of China.You can choose Global Customs Data System if you want buyers overseas.
  • 6.Why is the product description just the same in China Import & Export Data?
    The product description is just for HS Code.
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