Global Customs Data

Product Definition

Based on 25 countries customs data,Global Customs Data System(GCDS) is a customer development platform developed by EG DATA.All customs data is accurate、exhaustive、timely.GCDS is structured by Oracle database,fast and stable.All the reports can be exported and saved easily.

Applicable Customer

SHIPER who want to find new buyers

CONSINEE who want to find new supplier

Product Features

  • Input your interested product,all buyers registered in local customs will be presented, accurate、complete、timely.You can also analysis the buyer interested,including trade records、procurement cycle、procurement habits,etc.
  • Track old customers been cooperated,you can see every trade records of your customers,new supplier、new production、even price for certain country.
  • Monitor the competitors,find out all the customers they have cooperated、new customers every month、the price of existed customers.

Country Details

Remark:Global Customs Data System(GCDS) contains 25 coutries, 21 countries among contains buyer.

How To Provide

Data period:since 2010

Data updata:monthly generally

Extraction:HS code or Key words

Providing way:Excel or online

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