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Develop new customers

Input your interested product,all buyers registered in local customs will be presented, accurate、complete、timely.You can also analysis the buyer interested,including trade records、procurement cycle、procurement habits,etc.

Maintain old customers

Track old customers been cooperated,you can see every trade records of your customers,new supplier、new production、even price for certain country.

Monitor competitors

Monitor the competitors,find out all the customers they have cooperated、new customers every month、the price of existed customers.

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  • 9 years focus on customs data

    Established in 2006,focus on customs data

    Collected the most complete information in market

    Rich experience in data processing

  • Strictly control data

    Ensure first-hand data

    Ensure that every piece of data is real

    Commitment to false one compensate ten

  • Professional and reliable team

    Core staff graduated from Zhejiang University

    More than 5-years staff make up 80%

    All staff is strictly selected and trained

  • Attention to customer public praise

    Adhere to customer reputation first principle

    Customers rate is more than 99%

    Customer Satisfaction Evaluation is strict

  • Huge R & D investment

    Millions of dollars is spended on R & D every year

    New kind data is introduced every year

    Base on Oracle Technical Architecture

  • Complete customer service system

    All service staff is more than 3 years in service

    Customer issues must be resolved within 24 hours

    Exclusive use in customs data

5000+ Well-known enterprises have choosed EG DATA.

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